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4654 Gateway Circle • Dayton, Ohio 45440 • (937) 435-1780 • (800) 421-1780 • Fax (937) 435-4499 •


Our family owned company began working with non-profit organizations in 1963. This fall we will begin our 53rd year serving Dayton and 14 surrounding counties. The company is small, the services are exceptional. “We take the work out of fundraising”.

Our facility is located in Kettering and all facets of your projects are completed on premise. The display area for fundraising and The Holiday Gift Shoppe® is always open and you are welcome to visit us. We introduced Zap-A-Snack microwaveable Pizzas, Main Street Gourmet Cookie Dough and Auntie Anne’s Pretzel products to this area and we are the distributor for the candy bars made by the Anthony Thomas Columbus based company.

Industry changes have significantly impacted many distributors. We are gratified to continue our relationship with so many wonderful volunteers to help groups achieve their financial goals. Savory Sweets has partnered with us to represent their phenomenal Gluten Free cookie dough. We are also featuring the Otis Spunkmeyer cookie and muffin products in this area. We still maintain our full service facility which includes freezers so all products are shipped fresh to us and preserved on premise until we deliver the orders individually packed per seller. The Discover Dayton Cashbook coupon savings program book sells for $20 and is designed for Dayton and southern surrounding areas. The new book just introduced for use from now until December 2017 highlights the Air Force Museum Entertainment package which is very educational for our youth.

Why are we telling you this? It is important that you know about the companies you consider working with so that you can “Compare before you Commit”. PTO Today provides important materials to guide you and we sincerely appreciate their efforts and your consideration. We are charter members of AFRDS and we share the same mission: “We are dedicated to promoting professionalism and integrity in product fundraising”

Click on the Holiday Gift Shoppe® on our website cover page. This was initiated 29 years ago when the school principals were more involved. They asked us to help find items that had more value for their in-school shopping events. That was the beginning of our program which is still old fashioned but the special gifts that the children selected then are still remembered.

Our philosophy is to provide the best quality at the most reasonable cost. This is a service program for the kids. We have a unique way to help you coordinate volunteers and adequate support for this program. Our top schools last year purchased about $10,000 in gifts for their week-long shoppe. We service only schools in the Dayton and surrounding areas.

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