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Cheese and Sausage Brochures

Pine River Cheese products have been part of our elite fundraising offers for over 23 years. We have proudly offered their special cheeses and followed their continued success in adding exciting new flavors. They are recognized yearly at competitive events and it is a pleasure to represent them. This year we are including their two fantastic brochures and you can offer one or both. You can combine their “cold pack” products with their standard brochure or with another favorite from our line.

We have a new surprise for our regular clients and new potential customers might be interested. Please contact us tor further information as it is a worthwhile addition. Ladies and professional groups who have offered Pine River cheeses for several years will be especially interested. Our standard services for all organizations still exist and the extent of our personal services will continue as always. Communication is basic and a successful project includes all details from the beginning to completion of your sales. We proudly continue our support as we have for 57 years locally so you have successful results.

Pine River Cold Pack
Our Cold Pack Cheese Spread is made without the use of heat by blending cuts of aged, Grade A Wisconsin Natural Cheddar, with cream and other Real® dairy ingredients until a smooth texture is achieved. Herbs, spices, or nuts are added to create our award-winning flavors.
Heartland Cheese and Sausage

Featuring Pine River Products
Cheese & Sausage offers a variety unique meat and cheese products to sell. A quick and convenient way to get a healthy snack.
Pine River Recipes

Sample of recipes featuring Pine River Cheeses

This is a sampling of the brochures and products we have to offer. Please contact us for other projects that are available.

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